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 Next Level OM Costa Rica

December 2-7, 2019

What yoga retreat combines SUP Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga with a side of palm trees, sunshine, monkeys, and salt water? Next Level OM does! Join us in wonder-full Dominical, Costa Rica for a yoga retreat like no other, that promises to empower and connect. Registration is open, Tier 2 pricing is in effect.


I recently sat down to chat with Joey Rovinski over on The Seasonals Podcast to chat about starting and operating a seasonal business (Suptopia of course!), and all the waterski and stunt show jobs that gave me the great fortune of working around the world and meeting the most incredible humans. We also talked about the magic of traveling & yoga retreats - how these can be the opportunities that get us out of “autopilot mode” and back in to curious, excited, enthusiastic wonder about this crazy little thing called life.

The Seasonals is also a quarterly magazine. Their glossy publication, online content, and podcast aim to share and reveal seasonal work and how these jobs can be a gateway to an interesting, passionate, money-making alternative lifestyle worth exploring. Literally & figuratively!

I wholeheartedly invite you to grab a cup of tea or coffee, or tune in while you hit the road. We had lots of laughs, and they have loads of other really interesting episodes too!



SUP Yoga

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SUP Yoga is a unique way
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yoga in real Muskoka style
- on the lake.

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