Lean In

The Groove Yoga Festival. Photography by Nina Konjini (2017).

The Groove Yoga Festival. Photography by Nina Konjini (2017).

Lean in to the earth
Lean in to the practice
Lean in to the tightness of the body
Lean in to the resistance of the mind
Lean in to the places the vision narrows

Lean in to change
Lean in to creativity
Lean in to receive
Lean in to give
Lean in to find love

Expand. Fully and steadily in to what already is. 
To discover it is already whole. To know it is already enough. 

- S. OR.

It's been a spring season humming with wonderful activity. A true abundance of events and involvements that make my heart sing and make me feel truly alive. Meeting inspiring individuals, striving to bring positivity to the world around them. Feeling tuned in, and grateful for opportunities, connections and collaborations that swirl into creation.

A GypsyGirl newsletter is hopefully among the fun things to look forward to. Please stay connected to Facebook and Instagram - both personally and for Suptopia Floating Yoga - as it is the most current of what is happening.
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