Thanksgiving Musings


Thank You, Thank you, THANK YOU...
Gratitude for this wonderful life, 
For this body which humours me as I endeavour to experience it all; 
For my heart that lets me know without a shadow of a doubt that all things are miraculously connected. 
For family and friends that are like family; 
And furballs with their unconditional love. 
For my yoga practice, which has been one of the biggest teachers of my life. 
For Mother Nature, and her wide open spaces, and tiny secret nooks, that leave me in awe and inspired daily. 
For Thanksgiving I am reminded to be grateful for it all: 
The highs, the lows, 
The ability to choose, 
The freedom to navigate (however scrambled my inner GPS may appear) a winding path of my personal whimsy. 
Life is good. Life is a journey. Life is a beautiful, endless discovery. 
Giving the warmest thanks from the bottom of my soul to yours.


(repost from Canadian Thanksgiving)