DIY Simple Delicious Body Butter

I made Cocoa Vanilla body butter that is literally good enough to eat and I am in LOVE with how it turned out. I am a person who keeps a tupperware of coconut oil on my dresser to coat myself in after showering. Disclaimer: I have zero fear of putting oil on my body or face. So when I saw a video that made making body butter look super simple, I thought I would give it a try! I love love love the idea of putting simple natural products on my body. I have to admit the hair, face & body department is so much tricker to navigate than the grocery store (for me anyways)... and I tend to avoid it in favor of slathering myself with pure coconut oil and calling it a day. Here is the recipe, instructions, and a short video of my experience making it. I would definitely do it again!
Hope you enjoy the vintage early 90s wall paper and my manual mixing skills - ha!

I ordered all but the coconut oil on Amazon

I ordered all but the coconut oil on Amazon


Equal parts (I chose to do 1/2 cup of each):

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil


  • Place all ingredients in a glass mixing bowl. I imagine you could also use a pot.
  • Add water to a  frying pan larger than the bowl or pot, and put the bowl in the water, in the frying pan. Place on stove, and heat. 
  • Stir butters and oils in the bowl as they melt together. 
  • When all ingredients are liquid, remove the bowl from the frying pan, and place in fridge. 
  • Cool until ingredients somewhat solidify throughout to the consistency of a thick batter. You should be able to stick your finger all the way through, but there should be no liquid/runny spots. This can take 30-120minutes. 
  • Remove from fridge, add any scented oils you desire. I chose to add vanilla essence. 
  • Mix with electric (or manual) mixer. 
  • Place your body butter in a jar or container and enjoy! 

If you don't fancy smelling like a rich chocolate cake, you can skip the cocoa butter and double up on the shea butter for a more neutral smell that will work with any oils you enjoy. Have fun creating your own healthy, natural, moisturizing indulgence!